Week 12: Final Touches and Submission

Finalising Some Delicious Sculpcha


Based on the sketches I made last week of my final line-up, I started to work with sculpting the bear using super sculpey, with wire and aluminium foil armature and a wooden block to mount it on. I made all the details separately, baked them, then super-glued them onto the main structure. I was extremely proud of the fingernail-sized mushrooms, and the level of detail I managed to get in some parts.

I was also very proud of how I managed to get the texture of the fur to melt in with the texture of the bark on the tree stump, which made the fusion of plant and animal flow more naturally together.

Final Photographs of my Bear

Analysis of Country Brand Values

Analysis of Country Brand Values

Final Bear Turnaround

Bear Sculpture Turnaround

Final Mascot Line-up (Hero Poses)

Mascot Hero Poses



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