Week 11: Rethinking my Approach

Research & Re-Working my Artistic Style

I was happy with my characters, in terms of their general shapes, animal choices, mixing in the animals with environments, all that jazz. I was more concerned that the expression of the animals that came through in the sketches was lost in the vector images I made in Week 10.

So I’m researching other artists who have worked with sculpture, anthropomorphic characters, etc. to draw from artistic precedents.

Forest Rogers

The texture of the animal’s skin, fur, horn, and feather is wonderfully captured in sculpture. Seeing how she adds the swirls works to capture a quality of visual flow normally reserved to line work in 2D media.

Forest Rogers Moodboard1.png

Ellen Jewett

The filigree and level of detail grants the characters intense visual flow, due to an apparent seamlessness between the animal characteristics and the floral details. The floral detail works so well in the characters because they appear as natural extensions to the textures of the animal in skin, fur and horn. With the time period left in this assessment, I acknowledge that I won’t be able to create nearly the depth of detail as Jewett’s works do. However, I feel that well placed detail to create this seamless transition will be what makes the character seem like a cohesive amalgamation between the animal and environment.

Ellen Jewett Moodboard1

Refining my Character Line-Up

I asked for critique on my pre-existing line-up in the vector image style, and was also suggested that more detail and use of line-work may better preserve my artistic style within my characters. Tanya also suggested that the colour palette could be improved by using bright line-work in colours that complement the animal. I was told that the characters are good and distinctive in their shape, and that I should begin drawing the characters in poses to show their athletic, olympian qualities. Some of the lighter drawn sketches were done by Tanya.

Here are various iterations on my final character line-up. I’m working towards adding more texture on the characters which interacts with the environment they represent physically.


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