Week 10: Character Line-Up

In Soviet Russia, Mountain Climbs Goat

Donald was giving me feedback in the last session on how my elk looked almost mythical, so it didn’t quite match up with my other characters. So I thought rather than making the elk fit in with the other more normal mascots, I’d make the other mascots more mythical instead.


So now I want to combine them with different environments which Russia advertises as tourist destinations, mostly specific to where the different animals are found.

This was some modelling of the mountain goat I did for funsies.

It didn’t look all that great, but no matter.

I sketched these characters out, some of them from multiple angles. I think they’re working far better as a suite now – and I’ve also managed to resolve the clothing issue – now they’ll all be wearing one element of traditional Russian dress, all with traditional textile patterning on them.


And worked out a colour palette from colour-picking from moodboard images, and began working on rendering a character line-up in Photoshop.



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