Week 7: Re-imagining the Sochi Winter Olympics

Starting Assessment 2

I was assigned the Sochi Winter Olympics as inspiration for 4 mascots which would represent the games. I started the process by brainstorming and researching as much as I could about Russia – the traditional dress, colours, landmarks, tourist destinations, traditional artwork, fairytales, lore, tourist souvenirs, wildlife, iconic animals, flags, Slavic iconography, everything I could think of.
I was also experimenting with drawing simple outlines of some of the animals I listed in my research/brainstorm session, to see which I felt I could best apply to that artistic style. I wanted to play around with the shape language that some of those animals could work with in scale with one-another.

These moodboards show key images, colours and concepts I wanted to incorporate. I also sources some artistic precedents I wanted to incorporate. Russian painting of folklore has this incredible artistic style with these graceful shapes and curves. I wanted to take note of these warm colours and wonderful lines, so that I can incorporate the russian style of figurative depictions into my work. I came across the work of a Russian illustrator named Ivan Bilibin, which I found particularly inspirational. I love the delicate colours, crisp lines and soft gradients in the backgrounds.


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